Monday, October 18, 2010


I sure hope that this week goes better. With lots of orders to fill and still 3 kids that are sick, what else right?! Lets get a run down of the week that I had last week, Monday-kids start to get sick, hubby calls at 3 am to say the van won't start. Tuesday-dentist, go to fix van, unsuccessful(yes, I fix my own vehicles before anyone else touches them), long night with sick kids and sewing:)-sewing part, not sick kids, Wednesday- back to husband's work parking lot, fixed van, Thurday- still really sick kids, ER trip with all 4 in the middle of the night due to W's breathing problems, Friday-okay day, not too bad, up almost all night with kids, Saturday-hubby on overtime, kids want to go outside, but still too sick, Sunday-wake up to the smell of skunk outside, yes, you guessed it, my old 10 year old dog got himself sprayed, lovely, so much for working, instead spent 3 hours getting the stink out of him! But now he smells like berries!!lol So that was last week in a wrap, this week so far so good, lets hope it continues and that the kids can kick this soon!

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